Planning Service

Space Planning

Whether you are planning for some new restaurant furniture, office, airport lounge or waiting room furniture – whatever kind of interior it may be your first consideration before purchasing your Laytrad furniture needs to be Space Planning. Space is always at a premium and however much you have it always seems you need more so be sure to make the most of it.

The benefits of good planning are:

1: You purchase the correct amount of furniture.

2: Furniture, which has been well arranged and makes best use of your space will provide the highest return on your investment.

3: The furniture works in practical terms for your customers and staff.

4: Your new furniture will contribute towards the aesthetic appeal of your premises.

5: Health and safety requirements are met.

You may wish to do your space planning yourself, It may be part of the works carried out by your architect or interior designer.


If you intend to do the space planning yourself here are some considerations, which will help you to carry that out.


Obtain an accurate plan of your premises or draw one up yourself. Useful scales to use are 1:20 or 1:50. At 1:20 a 600mm diameter table is going to be 30mm at 1:50 it will be 12mm. Be sure that your plans show the following: All door and access openings with directions of door swings. Radiators Windows Steps and differences in floor levels. Features requiring access such as bars, service cupboards tills etc. When you have your plan with the items above marked it can be helpful initially to cut out paper motifs for your furniture items so you can easily try out different possibilities.


A very important thing if you are planning a restaurant but it applies to any sort of space is to make the scheme and working of the space immediately apparent to any potential customers. Spaces which are confusing, too tightly packed and where the routes of access are not clear will lose customers in the initial moments of choice.

Access Routes of access need careful attention. Ensure you leave adequate space for the volumes of people that are going to be using a route. Here are a few examples you may find useful.

1. Dining Table Layout



2. Booth seating: Layout



3. Bar Stool Layout


Health and safety and disability access

For health and safety reasons it is necessary to ensure that you allow sufficient space for access to fire exits and main thoroughfares and they are not blocked or likely to become blocked by movement of furniture by staff or customers. You will also need to ensure that provision has been made for wheelchair and disability access.

Customer Use

In restaurant planning in particular consider carefully the likely usage of your seating. There is little point in providing 3 seater sofas if the maximum number of people likely to use it at any time is only 2. Likewise consider table-seating formats. What will the balance of seating requirements be? Seating booths for four people will be wasted if most of your customers are couples. A variety of seating formats usually works best with some flexibility built in such as tables that can be put together to provide larger formats. Avoid placing seats in positions such as corners from which customers may not exit without other customers leaving their seats. For a professional planning and survey service for your Laytrad furniture contact: info [at] and we shall be pleased to assist you.