Fire Retardancy

For commercial use fire retardant fabrics or fabrics which have been given a fireproof treatment is not a legal requirement, but is best practice. It is incumbent upon employers to Access the risks of fire in their premises. If your furniture comes ready upholstered check the manufacturers specification to ensure that the fabric is either inherently fire proof or has received an appropriate fireproof treatment. Some fabrics such as wool are naturally fire resistant.

Many manufacturers upholstery fabrics are already fireproofed so check with the suppliers details. Certain other fabrics can be given a fire retardant treatment whilst still on the roll by specialist companies such as the Cleaning and Flame retarding service Ltd. ( based in Wickford in Essex.

Care must be taken in the cleaning of such fabrics as any over wetting of the material can cause ring stains, which may be impossible to remove. Use an absorbent cloth to absorb any spills as soon as they arise and wipe marks with a damp cloth taking care not to saturate the fabric.