Furniture Care

Laytrad are committed to the preservation of the environment and to the conservation of natural resources. Wherever possible we use suppliers who share this view. This view is reflected also in our recommendations for restaurant furniturecare and maintenance preferring where possible natural cleaning solutions over heavy chemical treatments.

The following advice is offered as a general guide to ensure you obtain maximum benefit and longevity for your Laytrad Furniture. Regular and proper care and attention can add many years of life to your Laytrad furniture affecting sales and profitability. The guiding rules should be promptness of action in the event of spillage or stain and regular maintenance and cleaning. Arrange to have appropriate materials to hand (Absorbent materials Dry cloths or tissues etc) and deal with stains in a way, which will not increase the damage or cause secondary staining to the material.

Initially most spills sit on the outside of a material from where they are relatively easy to remove. This becomes considerably harder once the stain has had a chance to be absorbed into the fibre. For this reason a dry or absorbent cloth applied promptly and directly over the spill will do most to remove it and prevent it sinking deeply into the cloth. Take care not to use a wiping action, which will drive the stain deeper and spread it further.

Whilst wiping with a damp cloth is excellent as a means of general cleaning a damp cloth applied to a new stain can cause it to sink deeper into the weave. Where water or dry-cleaning solutions are appropriate take care to apply them from the rear of the fabric where possible. Use an absorbent material on the face of the material to draw the stain outwards. If there are Loose cushions or reversible covers rotate them regularly in order to reduce wear and tear on any one part.