Environmental Policy

Each time we supply a chair, we plant a tree


We’re very concerned about the state of the environment and that’s why we plant a tree for each and every piece of furniture we supply. It’s important to take care of our habitat for everyone and we encourage you to do what you can also. We have supported 2000 square metres of natural habitat in Paraguay and most recently six acres of the Wild Lands Elephant Corridor in India.


Conservation in Paraguay

Paraguay is a land locked country, and is a meeting point for several major habitats, including lowland rainforest, grassland, wetlands, dry and humid forest ecosystems. While South America is famous for its rainforests, these other habitats are less well known.

Paraguay’s chaco grasslands are very important for wildlife mainly due to the open nature of the habitat, but they too are severely threatened as they can easily be converted to cattle pasture. Similarly, the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland spreading from North-West Brazil into Bolivia, is an area of huge biodiversity but is also in imminent danger as a result of both habitat destruction and pollution.

Some scientists believe that these lesser known habitats (including dry forest ecosystems) are even more threatened than the rainforest regions.

To protect vulnerable rain forest areas we have made donations to the WLT to buy several areas on our behalf


In India we work through the Wildlife trust of India to secure the purchase and protection of the Brahmagiri/Thirunelli corridor which is already providing protection and safe feeding grounds for elephants in the areas which have been purchased so far. There is only one parcel of land now left to buy in order complete the security of the corridor.

Elephants are already using part of the corridor and are regularly seen as they travel through their long distance migratory routes. The other heartening news from India is the monitoring of the corridors has shown just how important they are for other wildlife too. In the Siju-Rewak corridor in N E India, the first corridor protected with WLT funding, monitoring has shown that Tiger, Porcupine, Snow Leopard and Macaques use the corridor, as well as Elephants, and in Kerala, Tigers have already been reported. Thus means that a huge biodiversity is being protected, through using Elephants as the flagship species.


You can visit the World Land Trust to make charitable donations for any amount you like to support a variety of projects around the world.


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All timber products for sale has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).



Pictured below is a letter following our recent donation of chairs to a charity.

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