Choosing outdoor furniture for the English weather

posted on: 04/12/2016

We’re blessed with many good things in England, but sadly the weather isn’t one of them, as we have to put up with miserable conditions throughout the majority of the year. Even in the summer time, the average amount of sun we actually get is minimal, and this can be quite depressing, especially when we want to have a barbeque and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Fortunately though, there are ways around this thanks to the latest in outdoor furniture which can withstand the poor weather conditions.

There are so many choices at your disposal when it comes to furnishing your garden that it can be often difficult to know which is best, as there are so many materials and functions the best fixtures provides. No matter your outcome though, you can rest assure that a good quality garden seating area can become an extension of your home and leave you feeling just as comfortable as if you were sat indoors.

Things to consider when furnishing your garden

When you’re looking for new furniture for your garden, it’s important to take into consideration the material you choose, especially with the unpredictable English weather dictating your actions. Some options to take into consideration include:
· Wood (varnished) – varnished wood can be a great option for outdoor furniture if you are really looking to beat the elements, with the varnish playing an important role here. With the poor conditions being a big problem, the varnish fights to repel water from your wood and ensures that it stays in the best conditions

· Plastic – plastic is generally the cheapest and one of the most practical materials available for furnishing your garden, as it is remarkable at withstanding the elements. Plastic is robust and light, so if you want practical outdoor furniture which can come in a range of colours and shapes then this could be the option for you

· Wicker – wicker is an attractive option and one that’s worthwhile if you don’t mind investing in a material that’s a little more expensive than the plastic option. Its natural fibres give it a look and feel blends right in with your outdoor environment, giving off that warmth even in the harshest conditions

· Stainless steel – the modernists among us will prefer the stainless steel option, which is very durable and adds a touch of chic to even the most basic of gardens. Its design is usually immune from the elements and it can complement your garden at the same time, with its smooth and flawless looks