Can furniture make or break the look of my property?

posted on: 04/12/2016

Without furniture, your house is just an empty, lifeless shell – it doesn’t matter how expensive it cost, or how grand it looks on the outside, because without furniture it has no character and therefore cannot be differentiated from any other home. That’s the wonderful thing about furniture though as it has the ability to completely transform the look of any home, or office for that matter, and bring it to life simply by adding a few sofas and tables. But it doesn’t just stop there, because although adding a few ‘essential’ items make it comfortable, it doesn’t make it a home – this can only be achieved by adding intricate details like a rug, a few cushions and some photos and artwork. The difference these simple objects bring to the look and feel of your home is invaluable, as it gives it some much-needed personality.

It’s easy to get curtailed by one outstanding feature when you are adding furniture to your home, with colour being one of the biggest culprits. Colour is a fascinating tool for adding your own unique flavour, but it is so important that you don’t let one shade take control of your house; otherwise it becomes drab and counterproductive. Variety is key and adding the right colours to your furniture can completely make or break the look you are trying to achieve – moderation with the textures can really bring your home to life.

Another important reason why furniture makes your property is because it transforms the look of it, giving it the power to be cosier or spacious. You have to be careful with how you organise it though, because it can have a detrimental effect on the look you are going for, like if you chose to put large furniture items in a small room – it will completely occupy the space and make the room look even smaller and tacky. The first impact that furniture size causes on the interiors of the house is its space; you should always buy such furniture items that complement the size of your house. Mismatched items will either make the room look smaller or empty, so like buying big furniture for a small house makes it look cramped, small furniture for a big house will make it appear empty. That’s why you must concentrate on the size of furniture items in order to make the rooms look proper, arranged, spacious and tidy.