£ 158.5



Emilio Nanni designed the Slice stool like a wedge of cheese, and the individual pieces can be fitted together to create a wonderful variety of patterns and colours. The upholstery is polyurethane of various densities with a polyester prelining, giving a comfortable seating position. Four "cheese wedges" put together form a circle, and when different colours are used it looks most attractive. Upholstery made in polyurethane of varied densities. Polyester pre-lining. Non removable covers. Several combinations can be made by joining elements together. To see the full range, visit the Foam Fun section. A flexible, modular, easy movable collection of contract seating for bars, reception areas, night clubs and many other public areas where attractive seating is required.


Width: 70cm

Height: 40cm

Depth: 50cm

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